Professor QB Makes Birthday Parties Easy and Fun


Let’s face it. Kids’ birthday parties can be hard…but they do not HAVE to be hard.

You are looking for birthday party ideas, birthday party games, birthday party supplies, and even birthday party decorations. Sometimes it is easy to forget the one thing that makes a birthday party more than just a kids’ party, it makes the birthday party a lifelong memory. That one thing is a top notch professional birthday party clown.

A professional birthday party clown will make this birthday party the one your child will remember forever. You could hire any birthday clown, magician who does not clown, face painter who may be a clown as a sideline, pony ride, or balloon twister, but why take chances with your one chance to make a lifelong memory for your child?

If you live in Tyler, Longview, Athens, Nacogdoches, Palestine, Jacksonville, Henderson, or anywhere else in East Texas, you can…

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Make Your Child’s Birthday One of the Happiest & Most Memorable Days Of Their Life

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Dear Parent,

Imagine a birthday party so filled with laughter and joy that your child remembers it forever. Impossible?

I guarantee it! Your child is the star in an entertainment package that features comedy, magic, puppetry, and storytelling.


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Discover how easy it is to throw a party that will create wonderful memories that’ll last a lifetime. Don’t risk disappointing yourself or your child. I am friendly, easy to talk to, and will answer all of your questions. Call me today!

~The funniest children’s entertainer in East Texas~

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“Professor QB is a multi-talented professional clown
who’s talents include puppetry, magic, balloons, [and]
face painting.His interaction with children is a GIFT as he
provided endless entertainment for all ages!”
Donna E. – Angleton, Texas

Professor QB was funny from the moment he stepped into our
home. The kids loved him but what was even better is that he
made it so very easy on me. In fact, Professor QB was the easiest
part of the whole party.Be sure to call because that is how I had all my questions
Janice S. – Tyler, TX

Email about Professor QB the Clown

OK, I want to know how the red ball got back in the clear,
tube (just kidding).
Thank you again for making Dylan’s party so special. You
should charge more–not for me of course just for
everyone else. :)
Kay W.- Henderson,TX

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